Our Story

This story is one about food – how much the team at St.Gerry’s love it & love making people happy by sharing it.

It all began with two cousins off on holidays, visiting the island of Kefalonia to spend time with family (which isn’t such a bad thing when your relatives live on a Greek island). During the local feasts and celebrations of the patron saint of the island, Saint Gerasimos, they discovered the delights of the island’s incredible food. Inspired to share something this delicious with their hometown of Melbourne, the boys have been creating late into the night ever since to deliver us their one-of-a-kind, creative and oh-so-delicious desserts.

And it’s all thanks to St. Gerry.


The Story of St. Gerry

Saint Gerasimos is the patron saint of the island of Kefalonia in Greece. He was ordained as a monk and traveled around through to Jerusalem, Crete and finally arrived in Kefalonia. It was here where he established a monastery, which cared for the poor and became a center for charity.

Saint Gerasimos, also known as St.Gerry is believed by natives of Kefalonia to protect them and to also heal them of illness. Many natives of the island name their children after Saint Gerasimos as a tribute to the saint who protects them.

Our tribute to him is to honor his memory using his name so it’s never forgotten and by creating delicious dessert treats which will undoubtedly heal you of your hunger.